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Garden Party Ideas That Are Perfect For The Summer | Garden Party Ideas

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Summer is just on the horizon. Nothing gets the season rolling than having a fantastic garden party. Thanks to the Roadmap out of Lockdown removing all the restrictions, it won't be long until all limitations have been eliminated. With the warmer weather returning, everyone wants to be outside basking in the sunshine.

Garden Party Ideas That Are Perfect For The Summer | Garden Parties 2021

Now that our Garden Party Package is available once again, we are speaking to hundreds of parents every single day asking if we can provide outdoor entertainment for their children's birthday. The answer is yes! We have some incredible ideas we would like to share in today's blog that will make your children's outdoor party a massive success!

Plenty Of Seating!

If we're all going to be spending the party outdoors, we will all need to rest our weary legs at some point. No one wants to stand in the same spot for a while. It's a great idea to have plenty of seating available for your guests. All you need to do is have some chairs set up and spread across the garden to make sure social distancing rules are still following. Once your children's birthday party is over just remember to clean and sanitise your chairs afterwards.

Create Shaded Areas!

While everyone longs to be outside, it is always ideal to create shaded areas with gazebos or parasols. if the blazing sun ever gets too much for some people they will now have the option to take cover in some nearby shade. Likewise, if there is sudden shower of rain your guests will now have someone to take care. Anyone who lives in the UK knows ran can happen when you least expect it! Having something that can accommodate your guests from the weather without having to run inside the house is a great feature!

Pre-Pack Food & Drinks!

Everyone is going to need food & drink at some stage. But instead of relying on buffets that are very hands on, go with something that will reduce risks, save money and even accommodate certain dietary requirements. Your best bet is go arrange snack boxes that are filled with a pre-packed lunch. Find some cardboard snack boxes like the ones you would see with a McDonald's Happy Meals and fill them with pre-made sandwiches, crisps, cake bars and a bottle drink.

When they're ready to go all you need to do is hand them out to your child and their friends. It's a great way to distribute food safely as well as save money and make sure everyone's diet needs are being met. Some of your child's friends might be vegetarians or have lactose intolerance. Going the extra mile to show you have considered their needs will be appreciated by their parents. You can easily find snack boxes on E-commerce websites like Amazon.

Prepare Some Party Games!

Nothing gets the party rolling than to play some traditional party games. just because we have to maintain two meters apart doesn't mean you can't put a unique twist on the games. Kids love to play games. There are so many games you can play without breaching social distancing guidelines.  We have another blog that talks about some great games kids can play that are adapted for social distancing!

Garden Parties Are Amazing!

We can't empathise enough how amazing our garden parties are. It's the perfect opportunity to provide entertainment for your children's entertainment without worrying about a thing. It won't be long until everything has returned to normal. Check out our Garden Package and get in touch when you're ready to secure one of our amazing entertainers. Send in a no obligation form or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We hope you found these ideas helpful!


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