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Planning Your Own Virtual Party - Virtual Birthday Party Entertainment Tips

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Thanks to our amazing virtual parties we are still able to provide a hassle free experience for all of our clients. Since their introduction back in March 2020 they have grown to huge popularity. Not only do the kids still get to celebrate their birthday without even leaving their house, but you don't need to worry about the little things like big decorations and buffets.

Guidelines for Crafting Your Virtual Party Experience - Tips for Virtual Birthday Party Entertainment

Virtual parties are amazing because of the amount of creativity that goes into them. As well as arranging what type of theme you want to go for, there is also the option of deciding where it will be hosted and much more. That's why we wanted to talk about some great tips you can use for planning your own virtual birthday party!

Get A Good Sharing Platform!

The key to hosting a successful virtual party is to find a video sharing platform that's easy to use and available for the whole family to join in. The last thing you want to do is jump through crazy hoops and download random extensions as well. Zoom is your number 1 option. It's amazing and super easy to set up. You are the host of the party and can invite up to 100 kids to attend your children's birthday party.

If Zoom isn't your goto, other alternative platforms include Skype and Google Hangouts that have similar features. The important thing to remember is you want to find a platform that's private, allows everyone to see & interact with each other and is easy to use. All your guests will need to join is a smart device with internet connection and the link to join your party. Super easy!

Do Virtual Invitations!

Virtual parties are the perfect opportunity to test your creativity. Thanks to modern technology we can now introduce custom virtual invitations to send out to your child's friends in advance. As with a normal invitation they include the basic details such as the birthday child's name, their age and date & time of the party. But they are digitally animated and themed to something your child loves.

The friends and family who receive these invites will know you are putting together something amazing. They will feel extra special for being part of it and can’t wait to see what type of party they are going to partake in. Virtual invitations feel far more personal and will set the mood for a great party atmosphere. At Non-Stop Kids we teamed up with our friends over at Mini Epic to bring you these amazing electronic invites to send out to your children's friends when you book our Deluxe Virtual Package. Each of these virtual party invitations have an amazing custom animated video to send out for your friends and family. Check one of them out below!

Make It A Theme Party!

If you're throwing a virtual birthday party then you having a theme attached is a must. Just because we're celebrating at home doesn't mean we can't dress up. Kids look up to iconic characters within their favourite movies & TV shows. From a child's perspective, fictional characters serves as their icon and nothing would make their day more amazing if their party was themed to something they love.

Themed parties are much more personal. If your child sees everyone has made the extra effort to partake in the fun by dressing up to the party's theme, this builds an incredible atmosphere. For their virtual birthday party go ahead and make it a themed one! Get your child to dress as their favourite superhero or other characters they adore.

Set The Mood With A Music Playlist!

You can’t have a party without some classic music to go along! One of the most fun parts of party planning is putting together a playlist of songs that give off the vibe of the party! Put together your very own playlist using apps like Spotify and Apple Music and have the songs playing softly in the background while you and your children's friends communicate. The music really does set the tone of the party. If your child is a huge Marvel fan, why not put together some iconic themes such as Iron Man, Captain America and more!

Have Party Games Ready!

Get some amazing fun games ready that everyone can partake in. Just because we’re all in different locations doesn’t mean we can’t play party games. A scavenger hunt is a great way to start! With each child at their own house, their parents can hide a respective clue around the house. It will be the children's job in each of their homes to find a different clue and then figure out which of their houses has the treasure in! You can also put together creative quizzes set around a specific theme. Put together a slideshow of different Marvel characters and have your child guess their names based off the picture alone.

Ready For A Great Experience?

There you have it! Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to have an amazing virtual party! Of course, Non-Stop Kids are here to help as well! Our virtual parties are nothing short of brilliant and we are happy to help anyone! Give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or fill in a contact form and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote! While you're at it, feel free to check out our previous vlog where we talked about why virtual parties are better than normal parties. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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