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Standard VS Deluxe Virtual Party Package | Virtual Party With Non-Stop Kids!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you have checked out our previous blogs you will have heard that we offer a Deluxe Virtual Party as well as a standard one. Virtual parties are amazing and provide a full interactive experience for your children's birthday party. We have been performing virtual parties for many months now and still take enquiries despite the reopening of venues.

Standard vs. Deluxe: A Virtual Party Package Comparison | Non-Stop Kids Virtual Celebrations!

For parents who might be curious about the difference between a standard & deluxe virtual party, we are going to provide the answers in today's blog, breaking down both virtual party packages.

Standard Virtual Party!

Our Virtual Party Package can run from anywhere between 30 - 90 minutes. From the start of the virtual party all the way to the beginning, our entertainers will provide non-stop interactive experience for all the kids attending. We kick off the virtual party with our award winning magic show, followed by high energy party games and then with dance competitions. All the while we have the kids focus and never let the interaction stop. They will be interacted with throughout the whole duration of the party.

Unlike a normal children's party you can have as many kids as you want and it makes no difference- the more the merrier! All your friend’s parents need to do is click on the link that you have sent them at the time and date you have chosen, and that’s it. Their children can log in via any device - a laptop, a computer, a smart phone, a tablet - basically anything!

Deluxe Virtual Party!

When it comes to a Deluxe Virtual Party, you not only get everything that is included with a standard party but with some amazing unique features to this package! Prior to your virtual party we will provide you with amazing custom virtual invitations to send out to your friends & family who are attending. Like a normal party you will provide invitations that have your basic party details (e.g. name of the birthday child, date & time of the party, etc.) But they are now sent in an awesome digital animation video. You send us the details of the party and we will create these virtual invitations to send out for each fo your guests. You can customise each virtual invitation to be designed as a specific theme. If your birthday child is a big fan of pirates, we'll go ahead and make it into a pirate themed invitiation!

On the subject of themes, we will also attach any type of theme to your virtual party as well without extra cost. Even if it is a theme we don't offer we can accommodate your virtual party to fit the desired theme. After the party has ended we will provide a digital recording of the entire party. It will be available to download and you can send it to other parents who might be curious about how a virtual party is. It will also be an amazing memory you and your child can look back on for years to come and remember the fantastic birthday party you got to experience that day. In a way it's like you have got your very own free videographer.

And let's not forget about the Virtual Party Bags! At the end of the virtual party, all the kids will receive a custom video to thank everyone who attended and awarding them with a 15 minute special performance. Here, your entertainer teaches them an easy to do magic trick. Learning magic benefits kid's growing development in so many ways. It improves their confidence, builds their creativity skills and teaches them how to better present themselves in front of an audience.

Virtual Parties Are Ready For You!

Our Deluxe Virtual Party offers a massive amount of enjoyment to have with your party. Virtual Parties have become a huge popularity at Non-Stop Kids Entertainment and we want all parents to see why they are amazing! If you haven’t already check out our Virtual Party’s page on our website please do. You can submit a no obligation form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or if you're very keen then give us a call on 0333 301 3002! We look forward to hearing from you!

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