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Virtual Birthday Party | The Perfect Online Birthday Party Experience

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

If your child is ready for one of the best birthday parties ever, look no further than our Virtual Party Package. Have you heard about our virtual parties before? When the first lockdown started back in March 2020 we didn't want kids to miss out on their birthday parties and introduced this amazing concept to celebrate their special day virtually.

Online Birthday Bash | Crafting the Perfect Virtual Party Experience

Over the following months they exceeded all expectations and became very popular amongst children & parents alike. It's a fantastic concept that is super fun. It has everything you would find at a live party with some unique advantages you couldn't find anywhere else. Unlike YouTube videos it isn't like looking at a static screen. Everyone can see and interact with each other as well as the entertainer can perform for all of the children.

How Does It Work?

Once you have booked one of our virtual party packages we will keep in touch with the details of your booking all the way to the day of the party. On the day of your virtual party our entertainer will set up the virtual room 30 minutes in advance for all of your guests to attend and have a chat to each other while they wait for the fun to start. Our entertainer will provide you with an invitation link to send out to your guests. You can have up to 100 children in attendance. Everyone can join with any type of technical device (e.g computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone and much more!)

The party begins and the entertainer will run the whole show for you. Whether you book 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes you are guaranteed an amazing experience. We play high energy party games, action dances, dance competitions and much more. We provide non-stop interaction with all of the children and the birthday child is made to feel extra special. All of our games are non-elimination based. Everything is designed to work virtually as well as provide unique fun for all the kids.

What Do I Need To Do?

The best part about a virtual party is they are much easier to arrange than a live party. Because everyone will be attending from their homes you don't need to worry about arranging a venue, providing food & drink for the parents and much more. All you need to provide is the invitation link and enjoy the show from there. We also have the technology to record your virtual birthday party and give you the footage to keep forever!

During this experience we have also provided virtual parties for children in the NHS as well as Octopus Energy. We have so many virtual packages to choose from as well as holiday specials such as Christmas as Halloween. Virtual parties are very popular and we talk to hundreds of parents every single week about providing an online birthday party experience for their children's birthday party. Even after venues have reopened we have bookings for virtual parties all the way into 2021!

If you're ready to secure a virtual birthday party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, get in touch with us today! If you send us a message on our website we can get back to you with a no obligation quote. Or if you would like to talk with us directly call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We look forward to providing an amazing experience for your children's birthday party soon.

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