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Virtual Halloween Experience With NSK | Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

At this time of this blog Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and we are taking dozens of enquiries to book a Virtual Halloween Party. Along with our Virtual Christmas Party, we introduced this exciting package to ensure kids got to celebrate Halloween and have the best party ever without having to leave the comfort of their own home!

Immersive Virtual Halloween Adventure with NSK | Creative Virtual Halloween Party Concepts

We have performed over 4,000 virtual parties and even with the reopening of venues, parents are still enquiring for virtual parties more than ever before. The reason why is because they are amazing, just as great as a live party and they have many advantages as well. As a parent you will understand how busy the holidays get and how crazy everything goes. If you have never experienced a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids before, now is the perfect chance to celebrate with a Virtual Halloween Party!

Lifelong Memories!

As the largest children's entertainment in the country we strive to create fantastic memories for your kids to look back for years to come. All of our parties are unique; every package brings something new and exciting to every party package. Our entertainers are amazing and each one brings something new to your child's virtual party. We kick off the show with our virtual spook magic show. This combines our magic comedy show and spooky Halloween fun. We'll then play Halloween themed party games, action dances and dance competitions. All the while our entertainers engage with the kids non-stop, creating a really interactive experience. By the end of the party all the kids will have a fantastic Halloween experience and left with long-lasting memories.

Hassle Free Party Experience!

We've all heard the nightmares of trying to organise a children's birthday party. That is where Non-Stop Kids come into play. With every one of our parties we provide a full hassle free experience for your children's entertainment. Our virtual parties are no exception. On the day of your Virtual Halloween party your entertainer will set up everything 30 minutes in advance and send you an invitation link for all of your guests. You can have up to 100 guests attending. When the party begins our entertainer kicks off your Halloween party and provides non-stop interaction with all the kids. We engage the kids throughout the whole party and they will be left with a spooky atmosphere.

A Recording Of Your Whole Party!

Did you know we can record your whole virtual party for you when you book our Deluxe Virtual Party? From the beginning of the party all the way to the end, your entertainer will record the whole virtual party experience. We will then send you the recording of your party to download and keep forever. You can send it to other parents and show them what an amazing Halloween party your child and their friends got to celebrate.

Halloween Virtual Invitations!

As a bonus we can even provide you with virtual invitations that are designed specifically for the theme of your party. Before the date of your party you will send us the details of your party such as the date & time of your party. We will then create amazing Virtual Halloween invitations for you and you can send them to everyone who will be participating. It's great fun and really does set the Halloween atmosphere. Check out one of our Halloween invitations below!

Ready For The Best Halloween Party Ever?

We are super excited to celebrate Halloween. Every day we are taking dozens of enquiries for a Virtual Halloween Party as well as Virtual Christmas parties. We even have bookings all the way into 2021. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We definitely recommend our Halloween Party Package and encourage everyone to book as soon as possible and secure your spot. Our head office is more than happy to talk to through the whole booking process. If you already have a booking with us and you want to convert it to a Halloween party, not a problem either! Call us now on 0333 301 3002 or send in contact form for a no obligation quote. Have an amazing day and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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