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Five Reasons Why Virtual Parties Are Better Than Normal Parties! - Vlog

Updated: Sep 21

Thanks to everybody for tuning into today's vlog! If you haven't already make sure to watch our previous vlog where we discuss how a virtual party is just as good as a normal party. As you may have guessed if you watched the video, virtual parties are amazing and just as good as a normal party if not better! For starters there are no additional costs involved. When it comes to a normal party, you have to spend money on the food for the kids, a venue to host the party and other party accessories. With a virtual party, all you need to pay for is just the virtual party and the entertainer. It's cheaper in comparison. Even better is it's less hassle. You don't need all the previous planning involved that you would need at a normal party (e.g booking the venue, sending out invitations, tying up afterwards, handing out party bags, etc.) Our entertainer takes care of anything. All you need to do is just send the link out to everyone.

When it comes to invitations you can invite pretty much anyone from anywhere. If you have friends who might live in the US, Australia or any other area of the world, they can tune in as well so long as they are up at the same time and have internet connection! If your child is shy and doesn't like to be the centre of attention, not a problem! They will have the option to turn off their video camera while they can still watch the party from the comfort of their home. They will feel more relaxed in an environment they are comfortable with! After the party has ended you will get to keep a digital recording of the entire party, available to download and send to your other friends. This is the perfect chance for your child to look back at anytime and see an amazing party they got to experience.

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