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Virtual Parties Are Better Than Normal Parties! | Virtual Party Entertainment

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

What would you say if we told you that a virtual party is better than a live party? Surely that cannot be the case. But we are here to tell you that virtual parties have so many advantages compared to a live party like you wouldn't believe. When we first introduced our Virtual Party Package, most parents said one common question" "How can a virtual party be interactive for children?"

Enhancing Celebrations: The Superiority of Virtual Parties! | Virtual Party Entertainment

Virtual parties are just as interactive as a normal party, if not more. We have been performing virtual parties for many months now and even with the reopening of venues, we are still taking enquiries for parents who want us to perform a virtual experience for their children's birthday. In today's blog we are going to talk the many advantages virtual parties have compared to a live party!

Unique Party Games!

Non-Stop Kids have performed for thousands of children of the years in village halls, community centres, their homes, schools and much more. Part of our service is we play non-stop interaction games throughout the duration of the party and make sure none of the children are even excluded. We built up our Virtual Party Package from the ground up and created unique fun games that you wouldn't see in our other party packages. The children being in their homes opens up the possibilities for more fun and games.

If you were planning to run your own virtual party, a fun traditional game you could put a unique twist on is scavenger hunt. You and all the parents will hide a different prop within each of your homes. On the day of the party, the kids have to go and find each prop and bring it back to the party as fast as they can! You can take it one step further and have the props be letters that the kids have to figure out what it spells once all the pieces are collected. There's limitless ideas out there you can use for your party!

Perfect For Shy Kids!

We have performed over 8,000 parties a year and is isn't uncommon that we see the birthday child quite shy on their special day. Non-Stop Kids excel in bringing the shyness out of children and get them to feel more confident at their birthday party. But we do understand some children don't want to feel like they are the centre of attention. A virtual party is the perfect answer! Everyone has the option to turn off their camera while still attending the party together. It's a great way for shy kids to come out of their shell a bit and if they are feeling overwhelmed in all the excitement, the option to remain invisible is right there!

Invite Anyone You Want!

Our virtual parties can accommodate up to 100 people in attendance. Each guest in attendance is watching from the comfort of their own homes. You won't have to worry about fitting them into the same room, nor planning their travelling routes to arrive at the party. Everything is done virtually and all they need to attend is the link to the party and the virtual application on any computing device. Even better is you can invite friends & family who might live overseas. A lot of families have relatives who might be residing or working in other countries. This the perfect chance to get them to attend your kid's birthday party as well. As long as the time of the party fits into their time slot, you can have guests attend from across the world.

No Tidying Up!

You heard right! When it comes to live parties there is usually a lot to tidy up afterwards, especially if the children have been eating and unwrapping presents. But with a virtual party you won't have to do any tidying up at all! No sweeping the hall or filling bin bags. All you need to do is attend the party and sit back with a cup of tea on hand. You and the birthday child will enjoy the show that our entertainers put on for you!

Your Own Free Videographer!

Your children's birthday parties are one of the best moments of their childhood and we want to make memories that will last forever. We have attended many live parties and it is not uncommon that we see parents have hired a videographer to film their kid's party for memories to look back on in the future. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can record your whole party for you. We will send you the recording of your party to download and keep forever. You can share this footage to other parents and you will have something for you and your child to look back on for years to come. Imagine how fun it will be to look back on their 18th birthday!

Virtual Parties Are Fun & Unique!

Thanks for checking out today's blog. We have loved performing virtual parties for children across the country and are thrilled to hear parents still want to experience the virtual entertainment for their kid's birthday. It's an amazing package with so many unique features you wouldn't find in our other packages. If you haven't already be sure to check out our Virtual Party page and if you want to talk to us, we are happy to help! Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form for a no obligation quote. Don't forget to check out our new Virtual Halloween Package as well. We'll speak to you soon!

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