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Bringing Everyone Together Virtually | Virtual Party Experience With Charlie

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As the largest children's entertainment in the country we understand the importance of getting together for celebrations. Whether it's for a birthday party or any other type of celebration, we wanted to make sure everyone can still celebrate together. That's why we introduced our Virtual Party Package back in March 2020. It's a super amazing concept that brings the fun of our hassle free package right to your doorstep!

Uniting Everyone Online: Embark on a Virtual Party Experience with Charlie!

You might be wondering how a virtual party can compensate for a live event. We can tell you with confidence that virtual parties are just as good as a live party if not better! As well as bringing our hassle free experience right to your doorstep, there's also unique party games and features you couldn't find at a live party.

Our entertainers love performing virtual parties and can't wait to jump right onto their next party. If you have been keeping up to date with our previous blogs you will have seen our entertainers sharing their experience performing virtual parties and why they mean so much to them. In today's blog we spoke to Charlie and her virtual birthday party experience.

Everyone Is Together!

"I love virtual parties because it brings families and friends together from across the world, it’s such a joy to see them altogether even when distance is separating them!"

That's right! One of the biggest misconceptions of a virtual party is there can't be interaction because we're using online technology. We can assure you that there couldn't be any more interaction. Everyone can easily see & speak to each other as well as the entertainer running your show!

No Pressure For Shy Kids!

"I also love that so many children, who would normally find in person parties a little overwhelming because of additional needs, are able to join in because they are able to control the volume, video and what they want to join in for. There’s no pressure for them! It’s so lovely to see everyone still being able to have fun and enjoy themselves, even though we have to stay home right now."

One of the biggest areas Non-Stop Kids excel in is bringing shy kids out of their shells and getting them to join in on the fun. But one of the big advantages of a virtual birthday party is everyone has the option to turn off their camera while still being able to partake in the show. This is perfect for kids who don't want to feel like the centre of the attention. No pressure for anyone!

A Perfect Experience!

And there you have it! Virtual parties are the perfect solution for your children's birthday. If you have any kids attending the show who might be quite shy, not a problem! As we mentioned before everyone has the option to turn off their webcam without leaving the party. It's a unique experience that everyone will love. Visit our website to check out our virtual packages and then get in touch when you are ready to book. Send us an enquiry form for a no-obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading!

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