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What's Not To Love About Virtual Parties? | Virtual Party Experience With Clem!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When Non-Stop Kids Entertainment first introduced virtual parties, a lot of parents have come to love the concept and now we speak to hundreds of parents every single day about providing a virtual party for their children's birthday. The reason they are so popular is because they are better than a live party!

The Enchantment of Virtual Parties | An Unforgettable Virtual Party Experience with Clem!

You might be wondering how is that possible? A big misconception about online parties is there's no interaction. We can tell you with confidence there couldn't be more interaction! Just ask our entertainers. Their role is to provide non-stop engagement with all the kids while providing a hassle free experience for the parents. Let's find out from one of our best entertainers, Clem!

Far Less Hassle!

"What's not to love about Virtual Parties? Sure, they're different to your average in-person party, but different in a good way! It's the little things that change- no mess, no car parking problems, no extra costs like loads of decorations and bits of single use plastic, no travel time, no carrying loads of bits and pieces from the car!"

And that's a big advantage. Whenever you provide a live event for your children's birthday party there is usually a lot of accessories & equipment to set up. There's food & drinks for the guests, decorations to hang around the village hall and the party equipment our entertainment brings in. With a virtual birthday party, all you need to bring to the event is a smart device with internet connection. Super easy and far less hassle!

You Don't Lose Any Quality!

"However all the good stuff remains: loads of engagement with excited children, lots of fun and laughter, magic tricks, games, silliness, dancing, seeing each other... the list goes on. Plus the children can feel less shy or scared in virtual parties, they are at home first of all and secondly they can control the volume- a customised environment for them! Don't get me wrong, in-person parties are amazing. But book a virtual party and you won't be disappointed!"

That's the most important thing to remember. As the largest children's entertainment in the country our role is to provide a fantastic party experience for your kid's special day. We excel at bringing shy children out of the shells to partake in the fun, but a great feature included with a virtual birthday party is the option to have their camera turned off while still partaking in the fun. The birthday child won't feel overwhelmed and won't miss out on the fun! A party within their home is far more relaxing compared to a live event with others in person.

The Best Party Experience Ever!

Make no mistake when it comes to a virtual birthday party. Your child is guaranteed one of the best party experiences ever. They will be talking about the experience for years to come! Check out our Virtual Party Packages and get in touch with our head office when you're ready to book your child's virtual birthday party. You can send us an enquiry form and we will get back to you with a no-obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog and we will speak to you soon!

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