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Around The World Virtual Party Guests | Virtual Party Experience With Yazmine!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we have over 100 amazing entertainers who always go that extra mile to make your children's birthday party amazing! We introduced virtual parties to make sure our extravagant entertainers could continue providing a hassle free party experience for your children's birthday.

Around The World Virtual Party Guests | Virtual Party Experience With Yazmine!

Our entertainers are fantastic and always go that extra mile to make your children's birthday super special! We wanted to take this time to hear from our entertainers and understand why they love performing virtual parties. We spoke to Yazmine about her experience performing virtual parties and what her favourite parts were.

Guests From Around The World!

"One of the main things I like about virtual parties is that you can have so many people from different areas of the U.K and even the world. I've had families in the U.K, Miami, New Zealand, India and so on! I've also had parents tell me how excited they are to not have to clean up after lots of children in their house - of course this is just as we like to find our silver linings! There's also no venue booking and food to provide and so on."

And this is very true. When it comes to a virtual birthday party you don't have to worry about finding a venue that is convenient for all of your guests to travel to. Everyone will be partaking online from the comfort of their home. You can even invite friends & family who live overseas. All everyone requires is a smart device with internet connection. As long as your virtual birthday party is scheduled for a time zone that works for everyone, you're good to go!

Hassle Free Experience For You!

"At Non-Stop Kids we have found a way to engage the children and make sure they feel like they have not missed out on their birthday celebrations with friends and family. We always call you before to check you are happy and we can personalise the party with songs and themes."

Absolutely! Our number one goal is make your children have a fantastic party while the parents don't experience any hassle. We accommodate your every need to make sure your virtual birthday party is amazing and completely stress free. We introduce our Virtual Party Package to make sure your children don't have to miss their birthday parties. We personalise your party with one of our many themes and can arrange a playlist of music for your children's party (radio edited for your peace of mind!)

A Fantastic Birthday Experience!

This is just one of the many reasons why our virtual parties are amazing. Our entertainers have nothing but positive things to say about them and can't wait to share their thoughts with you. Stay tuned for more blogs! If you are ready to book one of our virtual packages, check out our website and find the one right for you. Send us an enquiry form and we get back to you with a no-obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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