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Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Parties With NSK! | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We speak to hundreds of parents every single week about booking a virtual party with us. With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas just on the horizon, we are taking more enquiries than ever for virtual parties. It's always good to book as early as possible to secure your position with us. Since introducing virtual parties we have become the experts in running children's entertainment online.

Your Complete Guide to NSK's Virtual Parties! | Exploring the Virtual Party Experience

Our virtual parties are just as interaction as a live show. We host the party, entertain the children, perform our award winning magic show & party games and much more! Your entertainer takes care of everything from both an entertainment and technical perspective. We are going to talk about our virtual parties in today's blog and how they guarantee an amazing time for your children's birthday.

Non-Stop Interaction!

If you have attended a birthday party with Non-Stop Kids before, you will know that we provide non-stop interaction throughout the whole duration of the party. No one ever gets excluded from the fun, and a virtual party is no different. When all of the children are connected to the virtual party, our entertainer kicks off the show with our award winning magic show, followed by high energy party games and dance competitions! Throughout the whole experience everyone is interacted with and no one is ever left out of the fun!

Any Time, Any Day!

As with the rest of our party packages, you can book a Virtual Party Package any time and any day of the week. We regularly perform parties on weekends for children's parties. You can book your virtual party for whatever day you want. It's much easier to hold a children's party online as you won't have to worry about the venue location or planning a travelling route for your guests. Even better is if you have overseas relatives, they can join as well. As long as they have an internet connection and the time difference is suitable, you are good to go! Virtual parties are a lot less hassle than a live party. Everyone attends from their homes. All you need to do is provide the guests with a link we send you on the day of your party.

Personalised Virtual Invitations!

Thanks to our great friends over at Mini Epic, we create personalised virtual invitations to send out to all of your guests prior to the party. You provide us with the details of your party (e.g. birthday child's name, date & time of party) and we will create amazing virtual invitations to send out to all of your guests. These invitations complete the full virtual experience and go that extra mile to make your children's birthday fantastic! Whether you are having a superhero or a pirate themed party, we can custom these virtual invitations to tailor with a specific theme. You can check out an example of our virtual invitations in the video below!

Secure Party!

All of our online parties are secure and every session is password protected. Since introducing our Virtual Party Package we have become experts in using Zoom, the platform we use for all our online parties. With this platform we set up the waiting room for all of your guests to connect to and then start the party once everyone has arrived. Your party is secure and the only people who can attend are the ones you personally invite with your invitation link. For children who might be quite shy they will have the option to turn their camera off while still partaking in the party! Your entertainer will interact with every child and guarantee an amazing virtual party experience.

Virtual Parties Are Fantastic!

We've loved performing virtual children's entertainment and can't wait to celebrate Halloween & Christmas! We host, perform shows, interact and take care of everything for you. It's nothing like a traditional recorded video or a Facebook live stream where the host can't see the audience in attendance. Online parties are just as good as a live party with some advantages included as well! We would love to talk to you about proving a virtual party to your children's upcoming party. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in a form for a no obligation quote!

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