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Why You Should Book A Virtual Halloween Party With NSK | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Who's ready for a spooky virtual party for this upcoming Halloween? If you haven't heard the great news, Non-Stop Kids have recently introduced our Virtual Halloween Party Package. We have developed this exciting new package to celebrate the upcoming holiday virtually and we can't wait to bring this spooky themed party to your doorstep!

The Benefits of Reserving a NSK Virtual Halloween Bash | Spooktacular Virtual Party Experience

If you haven't experienced a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids before, now is your chance to do so! Every time we have performed a virtual party for a children's birthday, parents start off most of their reviews with, "I didn't expect it to be as good as I thought!" We're going to talk about our Virtual Halloween package in today's blog and why it's an amazing experience!

We Are The Virtual Experts!

When lockdown first begun at the beginning of March, Non-Stop Kids became the experts at the virtual entertainment. We wanted to ensure that kids didn't have to miss their birthday party and that's why we introduced the concept of virtual parties. Our Virtual Halloween Package has been built from the ground to deliver a unique and fun experience you won't find in our other party packages.

Parents have loved the concept of virtual parties. You can find hundreds of reviews on our Facebook page, praising the overall concept and how it was a better experience than they originally thought. Even with the reopening of venues we are still taking hundreds of enquiries every single week for virtual parties. Virtual parties are now taking the concept one step further with Halloween to create a spooky & mysterious party for the upcoming holidays!

We Run The Whole Party For You!

If you want a full hassle free experience for your virtual Halloween party, look no further than Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. From the beginning of the party all the way to the end we will deliver a full hassle free experience for your Halloween party and leave amazing memories for your children to look back on. If you have been to one of our live parties before you will have seen how our entertainers provide non-stop interaction with the kids throughout the whole duration of the party. Your Halloween virtual party will be no different.

Even better is we will run the whole show from a technical perspective as well as entertainment. On the day of your party your entertainer will set up everything and provide you with the link to invite your guests. You can have up to 100 participates for your party! Our entertainer will kick off the show with a spooky magic show, followed with Halloween themed party games, action dances and dance competitions! All of the games that we play are fun and interactive with all the kids the all way through. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show, let your entertainer take care of everything else!

Virtual Halloween Themed Invitations!

We've heard the traditional party invitations with RSVPs. Let's use virtual parties as an opportunity to get more creative! We teamed up with our amazing friends over at Mini-Epic to bring you amazing virtual invitations to send out for all of your guest prior to the party. They will have the details of your Halloween party but now displayed in a unique and fun digital video! The invitations will be made Halloween themed to match your party and complete the full virtual experience. We get the information from you during the booking process such as the date & time of your party and once the virtual invitations have been created, you can share them to all of your guests who will be attending! Check out an example of a Halloween virtual invitation below!

Hassle Free Experience!

As we mentioned earlier, Non-Stop Kids provide a full hassle free experience when it comes to your Virtual Halloween Party. Virtual parties are actually less hassle then a normal party! You won't have to worry about making sure the guests get to the party on time, cleaning up any left overs after the party has ended and much more! Once everything is set up you can simply tell the other parents the time of the party in advance and then send them a link on the day. The parents won't have to leave their house either and worry about making it on time. Everyone's a winner!

Ready For A Spooky Experience?

Words are simply not enough to describe how amazing our virtual parties are! They are an amazing concept we built up to be a unique experience and to ensure kid's didn't have to miss their birthday parties. We are super excited to introduce Halloween parties online for the upcoming holiday and can't wait to perform them! We are taking dozens of enquiries about Halloween parties as our bookings are filling up. If you would like to talk with us about booking a Virtual Halloween party send in a contact form and we get back to you with a no-obligation quote. Or you can give us a call on 0333 301 3002. Have an amazing day and we look forward to speaking with you soon. Stay spooky!

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