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Don't Let The Delay Spoil Your Children's Party | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Everyone has heard the news this week about the delay in the lockdown ending, but that doesn't mean you should let this spoil your children's party plans. Their birthday party is one of the best memories of their childhood, a chance to have a great time with all of their friends. Just because lockdown has to go on for a little longer doesn't mean we can't go ahead and have fun.

Prevent the Setback from Dampening Your Kids' Party | Children's Entertainment

Non-Stop Kids are here to help you plan a hassle free experience for your child's birthday. We have thousands of children's entertainment services all across the country. Thanks to our Garden Party Package, we can bring the thrill of our hassle free parties right to your garden. It's a brilliant concept we built up from scratch to adhere with all of the Government Guidelines in place. This means you don't have to worry about breaching any of the rules & guidelines.

Our entertainers follow strict safety measures to make sure no one is in any danger. They will arrive in full protective gear, maintain distance from everyone and sanitise their equipment before & after every party they attend. It's a brilliant concept and easily the next best thing at the moment. But if you are worried about not having the space in your garden for an outdoor party, not to fret because there's an even better option.

Virtual parties! This is a package we introduced during the first lockdown that brings the fun of our party packages to your home virtually. All everyone needs to partake is a smart device with an internet connection. There's no need to leave the house at all! We'll provide an amazing hassle free experience right to your doorstep. Make no mistake, there is just as much interaction with a live party as there is with a virtual party!

Brilliant Children's Entertainment Awaits!

We understand everyone wants normality to return as soon as possible. Just hold on for a little longer and we'll be out of it before you know it. Our amazing team is more than happy to talk you through securing your kid's entertainment and answering any queries you have for us. You can send us a message through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or alternatively, you can call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading today's post and we shall speak to you soon!


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