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Difference Between Garden & Virtual Parties - Vlog

You've all heard the great news about garden parties making their return very soon. We can't wait to start providing outdoor entertainment again. But we will still be providing virtual parties before and during the upcoming weeks. We've spoken to many parents asking us which option is more ideal for their children's birthday. That's why we wanted to publish this new vlog and help you decide on the package you would like.

Virtual Parties!

We introduced our Virtual Party Package back when the first lockdown commenced back in March 2020. This amazing concept allowed us to continue providing entertainment virtually. The pros of a virtual party is you don't need to worry about travel arrangements for the rest of your guests. We take care of all the entertainment as well as the technical side. You save a lot of money without losing any of the show's quality. We have provided over 10 different virtual party packages for children's birthdays all across the country!

Garden Parties!

For everyone who prefers live entertainment then garden parties are just the thing. This fantastic concept allows us to bring live entertainment right to your doorstep under some guidelines that will gradually improve as the upcoming weeks approach. The big drawback to a garden party is the rain. As much as we would like to, we can't control the weather. If there is a rain we won't be able to simply move the party inside as of now due to the current lockdown rules. But if it is a great day then you're good to go!

We're Here To Help!

We have performed thousands of live & virtual parties. From years of experience we can tell you both options are just as good as the other. Virtual parties are just as good as a live party with some unique advantages. Both packages have been developed from the ground up to provide a safe and memorable party experience. If you book a garden party but decide you want to switch to a virtual, that's not a problem. Just let us know and we will switch it around for you.

We are still doing both packages. We have certain entertainers who focus on virtual while others focus on garden parties. You might be asking yourself which package do you want to go with? There is no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, we are here for you and supporting you 100%. Just give us a call and we will happily talk to you about the different packages we provide. Our head office number is 0333 301 3002. Or fill in an enquiry form through the banner below and we will send you a no obligation consultation. Thank you very much for tuning into today's vlog!


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