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Five Things You Need At Your Garden Party | Social Distanced Kids Parties

Updated: Jul 27

The summer season is on the horizon, just as the UK is finally leaving lockdown for good. By June 21st there will be no restrictions at all and we're free to celebrate children's parties! With the warmer weather returning, Non-Stop Kids have been contacted by many parents regarding live entertainment for outdoors. We have two words: garden parties!

Five Things You Need At Your Garden Party | Social Distanced Kids Parties 2021

If you're ready to throw the best outdoor party ever for your children's party, you will want to tackle any challenges that come your way. We're here to help in today's blog. Let's look at five things you need to make your children's garden party a massive success!

Outdoor Games!

As with any birthday party, kids are going to want to play games and be entertained while having fun with their friends. Just because we have to stay a small distance apart doesn't mean we can't still play games with a fun twist on. Let's say the kids all wanted to play scavenger hunt. Instead of planting items around the garden for everyone to find, you can take this one step further and print off a checklist that has pictures of things you would find in a garden. This could be flowers, bugs, butteries, etc. With the checklist in hand, the kids will spread out to find them and tick each picture off along the way. We have another blog that talks about some great party games to play outside.


Nothing sets the atmosphere of your children's birthday party than decorations to brighten up the place. By decorating your garden with something your children are familiar with, this will make their experience a lot more personal. When we performed our first garden party in the summer of 2020, our entertainer Emily performed at a superhero themed birthday while dressed as our very own superhero, Captain Magic. It was a brilliant atmosphere for the birthday child and helped make their special day amazing. If you're going for a party that lasts into the evening, it would be great to have plenty of decorative lights to hang around the garden as well. Nothing gets the evening vibe going better than some decorative lights!

Outdoor Seating Areas!

When it comes to garden parties, everyone needs to rest their legs every now and again. To help your guests have the chance to sit down when needed, set up some outdoor folded chairs around the garden. This will allow everyone to relax in the summer heat while sitting back with a nice cold beverage as well. As long as the chairs are spread out to adhere with the social distancing guidelines, you're great to go! Just remember to clean and sanitise your chairs afterwards for good measure.

Pre-Packed Food!

Sooner or later your children's friends are going to be famished and want to eat. It wouldn't be a party without food! Instead of going with a traditional buffet you should opts to go with snack boxes instead. The big advantage to using snack boxes is not only can you accommodate everyone's specific diet requirements individually but you also save lots of money in the process. You can easily find snack boxes on websites like Amazon. All you need to do is fill them with pre-packed sandwiches, fruit, snacks and a bottled drink. Food can be distributed safely, everyone gets a nice repacked meal and you save money. Everyone's a winner!


We all love to bask outside in the sun but there comes a point where it becomes too much for us to endure. To provide lots of shaded areas for your guests to sit under, set up gazebos or parasols. This will give your guests shaded areas for them to relax in. It also goes the extra mile to show your guests you care for their well-being and have taken all necessary preparations to ensure they have a great time. It's not just the heat you need to prepare for as well. There's always the possibility of light rain. In case of a light show, the shelters you have set up will allow everyone to simply move under the covers and continue to enjoy the party!

Amazing Ideas For Garden Parties!

Thanks for tuning into today's blog. With the Roadmap out of Lockdown removing all restrictions, we are speaking to hundreds of parents every single day about providing garden garden parties. It won't be long till everything is back to normal and we can go back to normality. Until then we will be providing outdoor entertainment as well as virtual parties. Check out our Garden Party Package and get in touch when you're ready to book. You can send in a contact form and we get back to you with a no-obligation quote. Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Thanks again for reading today's blog and have a great day!

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