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The Third Step Out Of Lockdown | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Today is May 17th. Do you know what that means? The third stage out of lockdown has officially arrived today. More restrictions have finally eased and allowing us to gather in large groups. In just one more month now we will be out of lockdown for good. Until then let's break down what today means for your children's entertainment.

Progressing Beyond Lockdown Phase Three | Children's Entertainment Resumes

We are thrilled that more rules & restrictions have now eased enough to allow more gatherings. Indoor entertainment as well as children's play areas, cinemas and the rest of the accommodation sector, including hotels, hostels and B&Bs; and indoor adult group sports and exercise classes. With these new rules & guidelines you might be wondering what that means for your children's upcoming birthday parties.

Garden Parties!

The big news is the number of people who can attend your children's garden party has increased from 15 to 30. Now you can have more of your children's friends attending their outside party while still adhering with Government Guidelines. For example, your party could include 20 children, 9 parents and 1 entertainer. Or there could be 15 children, 14 parents and 1 entertainer. As long as your total amount doesn't exceed the limit of 30 then you're good to go!

Non-Stop Kids have been providing garden parties throughout the summer of 2020 as well as the recent months. We designed this amazing concept with elements from our Hassle Free Package to provide a safe & fantastic experience for your children's special day. Our entertainers follow all Government Guidelines as well as adhere with strict cleaning protocols. We arrive in full PPE gear and the equipment we provide is cleansed & sanitised before and after every party. Rest assured you can book our Garden Package with confidence.

Alternative Options!

While the lockdown is due to end by June 21st, we understand not everyone is ready to have outside or indoor entertainment just yet. That's completely reasonable to feel. The good news is Non-Stop Kids are still providing virtual parties throughout the upcoming months. If you have never heard or experienced one of our virtual parties before, it's a brilliant concept that brings everyone together online. Our entertainers provide a hassle free experience online at a fraction fo the cost without losing any of the quality you would find at our live party. All you need to partake is a smart device with internet connection.

We're Here To Help!

No matter the circumstances you can always book Non-Stop Kids Entertainment with confidence. We have provided thousands of parties throughout the years with 97% of parents saying they would book us again. Our entertainers are amazing and always give 110% at every party we do. You can contact our head office anytime and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation & quote. Send us a contact form through the banner below or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we will speak to you soon!


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