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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Have A Virtual Party With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have been providing virtual parties for almost a year now. We are proud to say they are amazing and super popular amongst children & parents alike. One of the biggest reasons they are amazing is because of how easy they are to organise and the unique experiences included!

The Compelling Top 10 Factors for Choosing a Non-Stop Kids Virtual Party

In today's blog we are going to break down ten popular reasons why you should have a virtual birthday party for your children's birthday. As well as this blog you can only find hundreds of reviews on our Facebook and TrustPilot from many parents who have nothing but praise to give!

They're Super Easy To Set Up!

As a parent you know how much work goes into organising a live party. There's finding the venue, RSVP invitations, party accessories and much more. The great thing about a virtual party is there's little planning required. When you book one of our virtual packages all you need is a computer device with an internet connection, along with an invitation link we will provide you with. That's all! You don't even need to leave the house. Everyone tunes in from their respective locations to partake in the party fun!

Amazing Interaction!

A lot of parents think that because virtual parties are designed to work online there won't be any interaction. We are here to assure you that they are very interactive. It's nothing like looking at a static screen such as a YouTube video. Everyone in attendance can see & speak to each other as well as the entertainer running your party. It's so interactive that you won't even be able to tell the difference.

No Hassle For You!

Non-Stop Kids' goal is to make your children's birthday party amazing while providing all the parents with a hassle free experience. Virtual parties are no different. From the day of your booking we will take care of everything. We stay in regular contact up to the day of your party to keep you informed of all the details. When your party arrives our entertainer will set up a virtual room 30 minutes in advance and provide you with an invitation link to invite the rest of your guests. Throughout the whole show we will run your virtual party while you sit back and relax. Feel free to get yourself a hot beverage along the way!

New Party Experiences!

A big advantage to having a virtual birthday party is the chance for your children to experience unique party experiences you wouldn't find at one of our live parties. Virtual parties have so many exclusive features. We can provide your kids with virtual party bags at the end, virtual invitations to send out to your guests in advance and even a full recording of the whole show! With each of our virtual packages you can find something new. We have magic workshops, pirate adventures, science experiments and more!

Catch Up With Old Friends!

Does your child have friends who live a long distance away? Another party of the country or maybe even overseas? Now's the chance to have a catch up! As long as your children's friends have a computer device with internet connection and they take their timezone into consideration, you are good to go. Nothing like celebrating your party with old friends in attendance!

Perfect Solution For Shy Kids!

One of the biggest areas Non-Stop Kids exceed it is bringing shy children out of their shells and getting them to partake in the fun. A great advantage with a virtual birthday party is the kids have the option to turn off their web camera while still partaking in the fun. Now your kids can enjoy the show and the entertainment without feeling like they are the centre of attention.

Reduced Costs!

It's no secret parties in general can be quite expensive, especially if the venue you have hired out costs quite a lot of money to have for the day. There's also the party accessories, food & drinks for everyone and much more. But with an online party you can save yourself so much money. All you need to pay for is the entertainment and the party itself. That's it!

There Are No Elimination Games!

A lot of entertainment companies play games like musical bumps and musical statues where the kids are made to sit to one side. We hate elimination games. It's not fair for kids to have to sit to one side. If the birthday child gets knocked out of their own party, that's just disaster waiting to happen. With our virtual packages all of our party games are designed to include everyone from beginning to end.

Unique Party Games!

Speaking of games, a virtual birthday party opens up opportunities to put a unique spin on classical games. We have different packages that offer unique games for all of the kids to partake in. There's a Virtual Dance Party for everyone to learn their very own dance routine, a Magic Workshop to teach everyone magic tricks and much more!

Different Virtual Themes!

Lastly you have the option to attach a theme to your online party. Just because your children's party is virtual doesn't mean you can't make it into a themed event. At Non-Stop Kids we provide dozens of theme party ideas we attach to your party and make the celebration fantastic! There's pirates, superheroes and much more. Adding a theme to your kid's birthday makes it much more personal to them if it's centred around something they love. Even if it's for a theme we don't offer we can accommodate your party to something your child loves.

You Don't Want To Miss This Opportunity!

The fact of the matter is virtual parties are the perfect solution to your children's birthday during this lockdown period. It's hassle free for you, an amazing time for your children and they're easy to set up! Find the perfect virtual package for your children's birthday and get in touch when you're ready to book. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send us an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation. Thanks for checking out today's blog and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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