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Five Unique Features Of Virtual Parties | Virtual Party Entertainment

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

With the lockdown due to officially end by June 21st, live entertainment has made it's return once again. Non-Stop Kids are providing garden parties all across the country, taking advantage of the warm weather as the summer returns once again. Despite normality soon returning, we are still offering virtual parties as an alternative option to anyone who doesn't want live entertainment just yet.

Five Distinctive Elements of Virtual Celebrations | Online Party Entertainment

We first introduced our Virtual Party Package when the first lockdown initiated in March 2020. Since then we have provided thousands of online parties to kid's birthdays as well as for the NHS and Octopus Energy. One of the reasons they're so popular is because of the unique benefits you could never find in a live party. Let's check out five unique virtual party features.

A Full Recording Of Your Party!

If you have ever experienced a children's birthday party before, something you might notice is a personal videographer has been hired to capture every moment and produce a film for the parents to keep. This creates special memories for you to keep forever. One of the big advantages to a virtual birthday party is your very own videographer. As part of our Deluxe Package, we can record your whole party and give you the footage to download & keep forever. Now you and your child can look back on the amazing party they got to experience for years to come!

Virtual Invitations!

Instead of sending out the traditional RSVP invitations to all of your guests, use this opportunity to send out virtual invitations. Thanks to our amazing friends over at Mini-Epic, Non-Stop Kids have been able to provide amazing digital invites as part of our Deluxe Package. We take the details from you on the day of your booking (e.g, children's name, their age, date & time) and send you the invitations in advance for you to give to your guests. These electronic invitations are super fun and easily themed to anything your child loves. Check out one of our invitations below!

Guests From Around The Globe!

One of the biggest challenges of a party is finding a location that's within reasonable distance for all of your guests. Not everyone lives locally in your area. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can have any guests from anywhere attending your party. Our entertainers have got to perform thousands of virtual parties, and one of the most common aspects we notice is there are guests attending who live overseas. All anyone needs to partake is a smart device with internet connection. Your guests can join anytime and anywhere!

Celebrate Any Occasion!

A virtual party doesn't have to celebrate birthdays only. We have developed additional packages to celebrate Halloween and Christmas as well as provide entertainment for schools as well. You can celebrate any occasion on a virtual platform. This isn't just limited to children either. There are lots of adults who use their online party to partake in corporate events, cocktail parties and anniversaries.

We Take Care Of Everything!

You don't have to stress over anything. From the minute you book one of our virtual packages, leave the rest to us. We will maintain contact with you all the way to the date of your party. Our entertainers set up the virtual room and provide you with an invitation link to join and share with the rest of your guests. From beginning to end there will be non-stop interaction between the entertainer and all of the children. There's high energy party games, comedy magic shows, dance competitions and much more. Your children will get to experience one of the best parties ever!

The Number One Virtual Entertainment For Kids!

Thank you for checking out our blog. We are thrilled live entertainment has returned and can't wait for all restrictions to be removed by June 21st. But we will still be offering virtual parties to anyone who wants to experience this amazing concept. Check it out on our website and get in touch when you are ready to book. Send us an enquiry form through the banner below or call our head office directly on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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