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Exciting Virtual Dance Party Packages! | Kids Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Would your child like to learn a choreographed dance routine? At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we play high energy party games and dance competitions when it comes to entertaining your children's birthday party. For all the kids who love to dance & sing, we have virtual party packages specifically designed for a dance party!

Thrilling Packages for Virtual Dance Parties! | Creative Kids Party Concepts

If your child loves to dance, we promise this is a party they will cherish forever! Non-Stop Kids have become virtual experts and have performed over 4,000 of virtual parties over the following year. To prepare for the upcoming holidays we have even introduced our Virtual Christmas & Virtual Halloween Party Packages. Many of our entertainers are professional dancers and have some amazing dance moves to teach the kids. Whether the kids want to learn how to be like a pop-star or a hip-hop artist, we have the perfect packages for their birthday party!

Virtual Dance Workshop Party!

If your child loves to dance and would love to learn their own dance routine, this is the perfect package for their birthday party. Our entertainer will be your child's very own dance instructor. Throughout your whole party your dance instructor will provide non-stop interaction with all the kids, teaching them how to perform routines and assigning choreographed roles to each of the kids. All the while the kids dance to high energy dance music and partake in party games! Depending on how long you want your party to run for, you will have a different unique experience.

With our 30 minute package your dance instructor assigns roles to each of the kids as they partake in an exciting dance routine we will choreograph to a piece of modern music. By the end of the party, everyone will perform the full dance routine today from beginning to end. If you decide to go with a 60 minute session we will split the party into two parts. In the first half of the party we play age-appropriate party games, followed by action dances and dance competitions. We can even do a music or dance quiz depending on the age range of the kids. Your dance instructor will perform different dance moves that the kids have to guess what style of dancing they are performing. By the second half of the party we will get the kids to learn a choreographed dance and then have them finish by performing the dance routine in front of everybody.

This brings us to the 90 minute package, the best session of them all! Your dance instructor warms up the first 40 minutes of your party by talking to the kids about dancing and then kicking off the show with high energy party games, followed by dancing games, music & dance quizzes. We give the kids a 10 minute break to rest up, have a drink and chat to each other. The last 40 minutes of your party are the kids learning their choreographed dance and getting ready to perform the full dance routine in front of everybody. At the end of the party we will get everyone together to sing happy birthday!

Virtual Hip Hop Party!

If your child would love to become the next famous hip-hop megastar, the Virtual Hip Hop Party is the best way to go! In this exciting package our entertainer teaches the kids how to dance to an exciting hip-hop dance routine, followed with hip-hip dance themed party games and action dances. We get the kids together and assign each child a different role as part of their hip-hip dance routine. Like our dance routine package you will have a choice between 30 minutes, one hour or 90 minutes.

Your entertainer will talk to the kids about hip-hop and demonstrate how to perform an exciting dance routine the kids will learn for themselves. We will play high energy party games, action dances & dance competitions, all themed to hip-hop. Depending on the age of the children we can even run a hip-hop or even a dance quiz as well. Once they are ready your dance instructor will spend teaching the children a choreographed hip-hop dance, assigning each child a role and get them to practise. By the end of the party all the kids will perform the full hip hop dance routine in front of everybody. At the end of the session we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

Virtual Pop Star Package!

For kids who love to sing as well as dance, we have our Virtual Pop Star Package! We have designed everything in this amazing package to be pop-star themed, including all of our party games, action dances dnd ace competitions. On the day of your children's virtual party your entertainer will teach the kids everything they need to know about creating a pop-star dance routine as well as sing to a modern pop song that is age appropriate. All of the kids are divided into two teams. One team learns the dance routine to the song while the other team learns how to sing the song. Thanks to our amazing virtual parties all of the kids will be able to see and hear others throughout the party.

By the end of the party the children will come together to sing and dance to the song they have learnt. It's a great sense of achievement as they will have learned something new for years to come. To end the party on a high note we get everyone to sing happy birthday! You will have a choice about how long you would like your virtual party to run for. 30 minutes, an hour or 90 minute sessions. The decision is your choice but you are guaranteed an amazing experience for your children's birthday party!

The Best Dance Party Ever!

We love performing virtual parties for kid's birthday celebrations and can't wait to celebrate the upcoming holidays as well! If you would like to book a dance package for your children's virtual party, whether it's for hip-hop or pop-star themed, we are more than happy to talk you through everything you need to know. Send us a contact form and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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