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Virtual Party Ideas For Older Kids | Virtual Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Our amazing virtual parties have allowed us to provide a hassle free experience for your children's birthdays and other events all across the country. We have even had guests attend from different countries across the world! We're thrilled garden parties have made their return at last but we still are providing virtual parties to anyone who would prefer online entertainment at the moment.

Innovative Virtual Celebration Concepts for Tweens and Teens | Online Birthday Festivity

We often get asked if we can provide entertainment for older children's parties. The answer is yes! A lot of entertainment companies out there only perform for kids 7 or under. Not us. We have provided entertainment for teenagers. Virtual parties are no different in that regard. For parents who are wanting a virtual birthday party for older children, today's blog had some great ideas!

Quiz Night!

Ever since the first lockdown we've found quizzes have become very popular amongst friends getting together online. When it comes to your virtual party you can be the quiz master and prepare a series of questions for the kids to partake in. The quiz you arrange could be a presentation that has different fictional characters and the kids have to name that character. There are so many ways you can throw a fun quiz night for kids and have a great time the whole way through.

Host A Movie Night!

We all love to watch TV. Your child will have a favourite movie/show that they're really into and would watch on a regular basis. A great way to celebrate their virtual birthday party is to host a movie night! Streaming services like Netflix now have extensions to allow all the children to partake and chat together virtually while watching their movie together. If your child loves a certain movie/show that's on Netflix then download the extension and have everyone watch the birthday child's choice of film. Everyone loves Netflix! There's limitless options available for your child to watch that their friends will love as well!

Gaming Night!

A lot of kids love video games, especially older children. There's a good chance your child and all of their friends own a game console. With gaming consoles now being able to connect online you can arrange a gaming virtual party for everyone to partake in. Everyone plays a common video game online while they can communicate with each other. It's a great way for older kids to celebrate birthdays virtually.

Cue Up A Karaoke Party!

Karaoke parties combine all the best things in a kid's life: music, socialising and making a fool of themselves with their friends. Using virtual parties, you can bring the party to your home. All of your child's friends can get together and have an amazing sing along together. You can use music apps such as Spotify and Soundcloud to prepare some kids music in advance and have a fun virtual sing along.

Plenty Of Ideas Available!

No matter the age of a child you can always find an idea they will absolutely love to partake in. Virtual parties offer so many concepts & games you can use to host a children's party. Since introducing our Virtual Party Package we have received nothing but positive feedback from all parents and we're excited to continue performing virtually.

We would love to speak with you about providing a children's entertainer virtually for your kid's party. You can send us an enquiry form through the website below and we get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or you can call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We look forward to providing a fantastic experience for your children's birthday party!


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