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Why You Should Book A Virtual Superhero Party! | Non-Stop Kids Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Captain Magic has arrived and they're here to guide you through one of the best virtual party experiences your children will never forget! Our brand new Virtual Superhero Party takes the fun from our live parties to create something spectacular for your children's birthday party.

Unlocking the Fun: The Benefits of Booking a Virtual Superhero Party with Non-Stop Kids

In today's blog we want to talk about our exciting new virtual party package and why it's the perfect celebration for your kid's upcoming birthday. If your child is big into superhero movies like Captain America & Batman then this is the perfect celebration package for their party!

We Are The Virtual Experts!

Non-Stop Kids first introduced our Virtual Party Package during the first lockdown. We didn't want kids to miss their birthday parties. In no time at all we soon became the experts in providing virtual parties for children all across the country as well as the NHS and Octopus Energy. Our Superhero package is no exception.

Parents absolutely love the concept and have expressed nothing but positive feedback for our services. You can check out hundreds of reviews on our Facebook page as well as TrustPilot. A lot of parents start off their reviews with, "I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was!" When you book one of our virtual packages we will take care of everything from both a technical and entertainment perspective. All you need to do is invite the guests and join the party through a link we will provide.

Don't Worry About Any Hassle!

As we mentioned above our entertainers will run the whole show for you. On the day of your party the entertainer will set up a virtual room and provide an invitation link to share with the rest of your guests. This gives your child and all of their friends a chance to have a chat in advance as well as the other parents. When the show begins Captain Magic welcomes everyone as they take them on a heroic adventure they will never forget.

The show kicks off with an award winning comedy magic show. It's super interactive and everyone is involved the whole way through. The birthday child will be made to feel extra special and get to help with a trick. That's right, we can still do that virtually! Following the magic show we will also play high energy party games themed to superheroes. All of our games are non-elimination so no one will ever be left out of the fun. From beginning to end the entertainer performs an outstanding party, the kids have a great time and the birthday child feels extra special. Everyone's a winner!

A Free Videographer!

How would you like us to record your children's party and give you the footage to keep forever? Sounds crazy but very much possible. Thanks to the technology included with our Deluxe Virtual Party Packages we can record your whole experience for you to download after the party ends. You and your child can look back at your party experience anytime you wish as well as share the footage between other parents who might be curious to see what a virtual party is like. It's like getting your free videographer!

Animated Virtual Invitations!

To complete the full party experience we can also provide you with virtual invitations. Our amazing friends over at Mini Epic have worked hard to bring you these fun invitations. Like a RSVP they will include the details of your children's party but now they displayed in a unique animated style themed to your party. Check out one of our virtual invitations below.

A Heroic Adventure Awaits!

Thanks for checking out today's blog. A heroic adventure awaits for your children and their friends. This package is super popular amongst many parents and as a result ability is becoming very limited. We encourage all parents to secure their children's entertainment as soon as possible. Once you have that booking secure we can make any necessary changes. If you want to move your booking to another date or change the type of party, not a problem! Call us directly on 0333 301 3002 or visit our website through the banner below to send in a contact form and receive a no obligation consultation. We will speak to you soon!

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