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What Makes A Garden Party So Great? | Garden Parties For Kids

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Thanks to yesterday's announcement of the rules & guidelines being eased, the number of people you can have at your garden birthday party has now increased from 15 to 30. It won't be long until all restrictions have been removed but until then we can celebrate your children's party with many of their family & friends in attendance, all thanks to our Garden Package!

Unveiling the Allure of Garden Parties | Kid-Friendly Garden Celebrations

If you have never had an outdoor party before with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we provide an outdoor experience like no other. Our garden parties are designed to adhere with all the Government Guidelines without losing any of the show's quality. Now that the summer holiday is just over a month away, everyone is eager to get outside and have fun. Let's break down what makes a garden party so great!

The Kids Get Outdoors!

Let's be honest, it's no secret that a lot of kids nowadays are too attached to their mobile phones, gaming consoles, TVs and much more. Outdoor parties are the perfect opportunity to teach your children there is more to enjoy outside the virtual world. Mother Nature is a beautiful sight to look at, even if it's something as simple as your garden. Your children and their friends will appreciate the outdoors more, enjoy the fresh air and peaceful environment surrounding them. This will do wonders to their minds.

Embrace The Summer Weather!

At the time of this blog we are only a short few weeks away from the summer holiday. The sun will be shining non-stop and everyone will want to appreciate the sunshine. Instead of being cooped up inside all day for your children's birthday party, why not use their birthday party as an opportunity to embrace the summer weather? All you need to do is set up some chairs and gazebos outdoors for everyone to sit down and rest. If the sun gets too much for everyone then all they need to simply do is move under the cover you have provided for shade. Everyone will have a great time outside.

You Have More Space For Gatherings!

While there is nothing wrong with hosting a party indoors under normal circumstances, it can be awkward when there's lots of people spread across the house while you're trying to navigate everywhere at once. The luxuries of garden parties is you don't have to worry about being claustrophobic. There will be much more space for all the children to spread out. This is perfect for children who aren't quite used to large crowds. They will have more open space to move around in and won't feel constricted.

The Outdoors Makes Everyone Happier!

It's no secret that being outside improves our mood, especially when the sun is outside. Kids who identify with nature are more likely to grow up appreciating outside more and do their part to help protect the environment. Studies have also shown that being outside also improves children's attention spans and improves their sensory skills as well. Being outside improves both your physical and mental health as well as nutrients like Vitamin D.

Celebrate Outdoors Today!

The fact of the matter is having your children's birthday party outside can have amazing health benefits as well as making sure everyone has a great time. We developed our Garden Party Package to adhere with all Government Guidelines without losing any of the show's quality. We bring the hassle free experience right to your garden. It's very popular amongst parents. We would love to provide this same experience for your children's upcoming party as well.

Check out our case study about our very first garden party to give you an idea on what to expect. When you're ready to book all you need to do is send us an enquiry form through the banner below. We will get back to you with a no obligation consultation & quote. Or you can call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. Have a great day and we will speak to you soon!

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