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Why Virtual Parties Are So Popular | Virtual Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

It's been a full year now since Non-Stop Kids first introduced our Virtual Birthday Party Package back in March 2020. We are proud to say they are super popular with parents and children alike. While the concept sounded bizarre to many of our clients we initially spoke to, we are now proud to say they are the next best concept next to a live party!

Unveiling the Popularity of Virtual Gatherings | Celebrating with a Virtual Birthday Party

You've heard the great news that garden parties will be making a return very soon! But we still provide virtual parties for children's parties all across the country. Just because live parties are making a return doesn't mean we won't stop providing virtual entertainment. Some of us might still prefer virtual over live parties. Let's take a look as to why a virtual birthday party is so popular compared to live entertainment.

Little To No Planning!

Planning a live party usually requires a lot of preparation. This includes finding a location for the party, decorating the venue room, arranging travel for all of your guests to arrive and much more. There's a lot of hassle normally. A great advantage to a virtual party is there's little to no planning involved. All you need to do is find a great video sharing platform (Zoom is a great choice) and share the link with the rest of your guests. That's all!

All everyone needs is a smart computer device with a stable internet connection. No one even has to leave their homes. Everyone can see and speak to each other. At Non-Stop Kids we take care of everything from both an entertainment and technical perspective. We will run the whole show and you won't have to worry about a single thing. Secure your virtual entertainment and you've got a great experience to look forward to. 

Your Very Own Videographer!

Non-Stop Kids have performed thousands of live parties across the U.K. It isn't uncommon that we see parents have hired a videographer to record their children's party. This allows parents and their kids to look back at amazing memories in the future. Thanks to virtual parties you have the option to record your whole virtual party experience. As part of our Deluxe Virtual Party Package, we will record your whole virtual experience and provide you with a link to download the footage and keep forever! Memories are a beautiful thing to look back on and what better way to remember great memories then footage to look back on!

Fun Twist On Games!

Just because the birthday party is virtual doesn't mean we can't play classical games with a fun twist. For a kid's online birthday party you can plan a scavenger hunt with other parents in advance. The parents hide different clues around each of their homes and then have all the children find the clues on the day. You can make it better and make it into a challenge for your child on their birthday. Instead of handing your child their gifts on the day, make it more fun and last longer with a scavenger hunt. You hide the presents across the house and then leave clues to help your little one locate them. The thrill of finding the presents will excite your child and take a good chunk of their day to find their presents!

Participation From Around The World!

How great would it be to have guests from different countries of the world partake in your virtual party? Our entertainers have hosted thousands of online parties and got to see guests from the states amongst other areas partake in the fun! We all have distant relatives & friends. Whether they reside within another part of the country or overseas, this is a great chance for your kids to catch up with long distant family & friends.

Virtual Parties Are Amazing!

The fact of the matter is a virtual birthday party is amazing and our parents can't get enough of them. We've received nothing but positive feedback for our online parties and can't wait to continue performing. Thanks for tuning into today's blog. Get in touch now and secure your children's entertainment. Whether it's for a garden party or an online party, we're here to help. Give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or alternatively send in a contact form and we get back to you with a no-obligation quote.


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