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Fun Ways To Throw A Virtual Party | Online Children's Entertainment

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If you've been keeping up to date with Non-Stop Kids you will have heard all about our virtual parties. Since the start of lockdown, we knew how tough it can be on young kids to grasp the concept of not having their friends celebrate their special day with them.

Fun Ways To Throw A Virtual Party | Online Children's Entertainment

That's why we introduced out virtual party concept: to ensure all the kids got to celebrate their birthday from the comfort of their home. In today's blog we're going to show you fun ways to throw a virtual party!

Decorate The Room!

Before all of your guests have arrived on your platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype) get everyone to decorate their rooms in advance with party accessories. If they don't have any in their Romes, provide them with some photos that can print off in relation to the party. It could be your child's favourite character from a TV show. They can pick a theme that is centred around something your child is into. For example, your child might be really big into Peppa Pig. Go with a Peppa Pig theme and decorate the whole interior. Once the party starts, your child will see that everyone is celebrating their birthday and have gone the extra mile to make them feel special!

Have Their Favourite Character Send Them A Personal Video!

On the subject of a theme party, children usually have a favourite character when it comes to TV and movies they love. While Peppa Pig or Spiderman might not be able to make a physical appearance at your child's party, you can do the next best thing and get these characters to send a personal video message. Because it is virtual, you can reach out to either a friend or relative to dress up or a company that provides mascot service. Either way, they'll send a personal message to your child and make them feel special to know their favourite character was thinking about them, even on their birthday.

Get The Neighbours Involved!

Before the day of the party, get the neighbours involved. On the day of the party you can get them to partake. You might be close friends with some of your neighbours. They might have kids your child is close friends with as well. How great would it be to get the neighbourhood involved? While they can't come over to hang due to social distancing rules, you can set a plan and have the neighbours decorate some birthday signs to hang outside of their homes. When their birthday arrives, they can look out the window and see the effort everyone has gone through to make their special day amazing. If there's one big positivity that's come out of this lockdown is our community spirit and how everyone has pulled together.

Watch Movies Together!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can now watch movies together. Simply download the Netflix Party extension and your guests can watch a Netflix movie together. If your child loves a certain movie/show that's on Netflix then download the extension and have everyone watch the birthday child's choice of film. Everyone loves Netflix! There's limitless options available for your child to watch that their friends will love as well!

Scavenger Hunt!

Get some amazing fun games ready that everyone can partake in. Just because we’re all in different locations doesn’t mean we can’t play party games. A scavenger hunt is a great way to start! With each child at their own house, their parents can place different clues around each house. From here it will be the children's job in each of their homes to find a different clue and then figure out which of their houses has the treasure in!

And there you have it! Amazing ways to make your virtual party fun and rememberable! If you've checked out out previous blogs you can find out tips on how to plan your own virtual party and the big advantage that comes with booking one! Non-Stop Kids would be more then happy to help you host a virtual party! Send in a form through our website and we will get back to you with a no-obligation quote! Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002. We look forward to hear from you soon!

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