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How To Organise Children's Entertainment For Your Virtual Party | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

If you are looking to arrange a virtual party for your children's birthday in the upcoming weeks, today's blog offers an amazing step-by-step guide on how to organise entertainment for your children's virtual birthday party. While we do highly recommend booking an entertainer to run the whole show for you, this blog offers perfect advice to organise your own entertainment.

Arranging Children's Entertainment for Your Virtual Celebration | Online Party Planning

The great news is organising a virtual party is far easier compared to a live party. Because you don't need to worry about finding a location for everyone to travel to or trying to arrange food & drink accommodations, that's half the work already done for you! Let's break down what you need to organise virtual entertainment for your kid's birthday.

A Sharing Platform To Run The Show!

The first thing you will need is a sharing platform to run the whole show that allows everyone to see & interact with each other. One of the biggest myths about virtual parties is there can't be live interaction because it's like looking at a static screen. That couldn't be less true. With our virtual parties we provide non-stop engagement with all the children as well as make the birthday child feel extra special.

Our number one recommendation is Zoom. This amazing platform allows you to have up to 100 people and is set up privately so no uninvited guests can join the party at a random time. If Zoom's not your go-to there are alternatives. You can use Skype which is free to use and allows up to 50 people in group calls. There's also Google Hangouts as well as FaceTime for smaller parties. Find the right one for you and get the show ready!

Pick A Time & Day!

Traditional birthday parties usually take place on a weekend sometime in the afternoon. This is mostly because we all get so busy in the week. But a great advantage to a virtual birthday party is there's much more flexibility. Everyone is at home and don't need to travel. Arrange a time and specific day that works for everyone and you're good to go.

Decorating The Room With A Specific Theme!

Adding a theme to your child's party goes that extra mile to make their special day even more fantastic. Find something your child absolutely adores and centre their party around that. It will feel much more personal as well as give you more creativity for party games. Speak to your child and find out what they would love for their party to be themed around. For example, if your child loves superheroes then have their party centred around iconic superhero characters. Once you're ready to go, decorate the room your party will be hosted in. During the party everyone will be able to see the decorations in the background!

Another recommendation for themes is to take advantage of your platform's features. Applications like Zoom give you the option to add a custom background on your camera. Everyone can see the background with the option to try this out for themselves as well. A great feature with a virtual birthday party is the limitless options available to arrange different theme ideas.

Put Together A Soundtrack Playlist!

It wouldn't be a party without music. Thanks to modern technology you can use applications like Spotify and Apple Music to put together a soundtrack of your child's favourite songs. If you are theming your children's party around superheroes then you can put together some iconic superhero soundtracks. You can have the music playing softly in the background while the party goes on.

Organise Virtual Activities!

Just because the party is virtual doesn't mean we can't play classical games with a unique spin on them. Prepare some amazing party games for all the kids to play in advance. You can play charades to get the kids laughing and it is easily one of the best virtual birthday party games out there. There's also Pictionary games for older kids' parties. Send the kids their clues ahead of time and set a timer for each guest to sketch out their clue before showing it to the rest of the guests to see if they can guess what they drew. There's so many unique games out there you can play online


Since the party is going to be hosted online, why not use this opportunity to send out virtual invitations? As with a RSVP invitation you have the basic details of your party but now they are designed in a unique animated style. At Non-Stop Kids we provide virtual invitations as part of our Deluxe Package. Thanks to our amazing friends over at Mini-Epic we have the technology to create custom digital invites and send them to your guests in advance. Check out an example of an electronic invitation below!

Bring On The Cake!

And lastly don't forget the cake. When it comes to the end of the party, everyone can sing happy birthday together while you bring out the cake for your child. Let’s be honest, cake is one of the best parts of every birthday party! Try out a birthday cake recipe or get one delivered from your local bakery that adheres to Government Guidelines.

Lastly Have Fun!

That's our personal advice on how to organise a virtual party for your children's birthday. Make no mistake, they are just as interactive as a live party as well as fun and unique. Follow this advice and you are guaranteed a fantastic experience. Of course, Non-Stop Kids are here to provide entertainment. We run the whole show for you and take care of everything from both an entertainment & technical perspective. Check out our virtual parties and get in touch if you would like to book. Send us an online enquiry form or call us on 0333 301 3002 for a no-obligation consultation. Thanks for checking out today's blog.

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