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Online Birthday Party Experience With Non-Stop Kids | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Ready to throw the best virtual party for your kid's birthday? Fantastic! Thanks to our virtual parties we have the technology and skills to run your children's birthday party online and provide a full hassle free experience for you. If you have never experienced a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment before, now is the perfect chance to learn everything you need to know about throwing the rest online birthday party.

Immersive Online Birthday Celebration with Non-Stop Kids | Virtual Party Experience

As with our live parties we will run the whole show for you. When you book one of our online parties we will talk you through everything you need to know about how the show will run. This will include what the entertainer will do to run your show smoothly, how you will invite your guests virtually, the booking process and much more. Once the booking is secured you can leave the rest of the party to us.

On the day of your party our entertainer will set up your virtual room at least 30 minutes in advance and provide you with an invitation link to share with the rest of your guests. We use Zoom as our sharing platform. It's easy to use, secure from unwanted visitors and user friendly for everyone. You can have up to 100 guests! The virtual waiting room gives you time to invite all of your children's friends and let them interact with each other even before the party begins. One of the best parts of a virtual party is it's nothing like staring at a static screen. Everyone can see and interact with each other as well as the entertainer as well. Once the time of your party arrives you won't even have to lift a finger.

From beginning to end our entertainer will run the whole show for you. We play high energy party games, perform our award winning magic show and dance competitions. Throughout the party we will provide non-stop engagement with all the children and make the birthday child feel extra special. When it comes to party games we never play elimination games because it's not far for children to have to sit and watch others have fun. If the birthday child gets knocked out of their own party, that's just disaster waiting to happen. Not with us!

We will create fantastic memories for your children to look back on for years to come as well as a hassle free experience for all parents. One of the number one advantages that are included with our Deluxe Virtual Package is we can record your whole party. You may have hired a videographer in the past to record your children's birthday party but now you can get your very own videographer for free! The whole experience is captured from beginning to end and given to you to keep forever. Now you and your child have something incredible to look back on for their 18th birthday.

Virtual Parties are also far less hassle compared to a live party. As the parent of the birthday child your role in a live party is to simply feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. But with a virtual party you don't even need to do that. Everyone will be attending from their homes and will save you far less hassle in trying to organise a venue, arranging accessories and much more. Once everyone has joined the only thing you need to do is make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy the show.

We can also attach any type of theme to your children's birthday party. Our Virtual Packages offer unique options for your children's birthday party and give them something new to take home. Perhaps your children would love to become the next Hip-Hop artist? Would they like to learn how to use magic to catch a unicorn? Or create some wacky science experiments with their very own mad professor? There are dozens of special concepts we have available to make your children's birthday party one of the best experiences they will ever have. Themed parties also make it feel more personalised as it's celebrating something they enjoy as well as their birthday!

All of our clients have nothing but positive and amazing feedback for each of our virtual parties. They love the concept and are happy to see the children get to celebrate their birthday. With Christmas approaching fast we are speaking to dozens of parents every single day who want to get their Virtual Christmas entertainment secured. We definitely recommend booking a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. You can send in a contact form and we will get back to you with a no-obligation consultation. Or you can give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Have an amazing day and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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