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Top Benefits Of A Virtual Party From An Entertainers Perspective | Virtual Birthday Party With Emily

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

"They say, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. For me, being an NSK entertainer on the virtual party team has been that silver lining."

If you have been keeping up to date with Non-Stop Kids you will have heard all about our virtual parties and the amazing advantages included. We have recently got to speak with our entertainers and hear their thoughts & experience about providing a virtual birthday party to children's birthdays all across the country.

Insights from an Entertainer: The Top Advantages of Virtual Parties | Celebrate Virtually with Emily's Birthday Party

In today's blog we have a very special experience to share from one of our best entertainers! Emily is a brilliant entertainer who performs hundreds of children's online parties every single week. She has much to share and can't wait to tell you all of the many adventures she has experienced when it comes to entertaining virtually!

A Silver Lining!

"On a personal level to be able to have my days structured around my party timetable has given my weeks' purpose and has made me feel less isolated as I get to know so many wonderful party families and be a big part of their happiest part of lockdown. To receive such lovely feedback is a wonderful pick me up when the struggles of homeschooling multiple children and not seeing family and friends can feel overwhelming.

The parties have also allowed me to stay financially afloat when all other work has temporarily fallen by the wayside. The NSK team is a daily support to each other which keeps you connected to the outside world. New skills have been acquired with the new nickname amongst friends of ‘zoom queen’ sticking steadfast."

And we couldn't be more prouder to have provided these fantastic parties for your kid's birthday. We understand how important it is to celebrate children's birthdays. It's the number one reason we introduced our virtual package. It's the perfect time to keep in touch and maintain contact with your kid's friends & family. No one should have to miss out on their birthday.


"I have great admiration for how people have adapted in all sorts of ways during the pandemic. Non-Stop Kids are a prime example of a company who refused to stand still and took action immediately to protect not only their entertainers and the future of the company but to provide clients with an option to still celebrate special occasions with a party tailored exactly to their needs. It quickly became apparent that virtual parties were not going to be a ‘second best’ option but a genuine alternative that would outlive the pandemic and prove to have benefits beyond our initial expectations."

That's absolutely right! When we first introduced our Virtual Party Package, a lot of parents were hesitant to the idea. But they are adored by thousands of parents and children alike. One of the big misconceptions of a virtual birthday party is everyone thought it would be like watching a YouTube video. There couldn't be more interaction. Emily can see & speak with all of the children in attendance and vice versa. It's no different than a live gathering. 

Everyone Comes Together!

"It has amazed me how virtual parties have brought together family members from all over the world. Something that would never be possible at a 2 hour party at the local village hall. We even get guests joining who are on long car journeys, adults logging on during their break at work, isolating in hotel rooms or shielding at home."

One of the best things about online parties is how easy guests can join the fun. Because everything is virtual you don't have to worry about leaving the house early to make it on time or risk getting stuck in traffic. We have even had guests attend from the US as well as other European countries.

Full Control Of The Party!

"It has been heartwarming to see children that may not normally cope well with a traditional party due to developmental difficulties such as ADHD or AUTISM enjoy their virtual party so much. Virtual parties allow all children to feel fully involved but also allows them to have full control of how loud the music is, how much interaction they have with the other children, if they want their camera on or not."

This is very true. We have performed entertainment for thousands of parties and it isn't uncommon we are asked if we can perform for children with disabilities. The answer is yes! Our entertainers have years of experience when it comes to entertaining children and know how to adapt our shows to any environment. Virtual birthday parties are no different when it comes to adapting our show.

No Extra Accessories!

"Parents have noted the relief of not having to worry about decorations, party food, hall hire and cleaning up afterwards. No need to worry about extra siblings arriving uninvited as you can invite up to 100 households."

That's right. There's no worrying about arranging any food & drink, party decorations, location of the village hall, etc. All you need is the entertainment and the online application!

Save Money!

"At a time when money is tight, virtual parties are also great for anyone on a budget. So much so that we are getting more and more parties that are simply a chance for classmates or family to get together or make a weekly zoom more interesting!"

Indeed. As we mentioned before, all you need to pay for is the entertainment service and the party itself. You save so much money that can be used to buy your child a special gift!

A Fantastic Experience Awaits!

Non-Stop Kids are here to accommodate your every need. With our amazing entertainers like Emily, we are here to run an amazing experience that your children will never forget. We now have the technology to record your whole party experience and give you the footage to keep forever! Check out our amazing Virtual Packages and get in touch when you are ready to book. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send us an enquiry form online for a no-obligation consultation. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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