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Why We Love Performing Virtual Parties | Virtual Party Experience With Rebecca

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

You know all about our virtual parties by now and the amazing benefits included. But now that begs the question why is it we love performing virtual parties? The answer is very simple: it's because it allows us to do what we do best! Performing non-stop engagement for children's parties everywhere!

The Allure of Virtual Celebrations: Embracing the Virtual Party Trend with Rebecca

Our amazing entertainers are very passionate about entertaining children and can't wait to start doing live parties again. But thanks to our amazing Virtual Party Packages, this has allowed them to continue what they love doing best. We got the chance to speak to our entertainers and let them express why doing a virtual party means so much to them. Let's hear what Rebecca has to say!

A Purpose!

"I love doing virtual parties because during these tough times it gives me purpose and enjoyment to provide kids with the best birthday they can have, even if they cannot leave home, to have fun with their friends, scream and dance to their heart's content!"

Our entertainers absolutely love performing. Whether it's virtual or live they always strive to give 110% and leave an incredible impression your child will remember for years to come. One of the big advantages with a virtual party is you can have the option to record your whole experience and keep the footage forever. It's like getting your own videographer for free. Now you and your child can look back at their amazing party for years to come!

We're Here Forever!

We want everyone to know we will always be here to provide entertainment for your children's party, no matter the circumstances. Whether it's a live, garden or virtual birthday just know we'll provide a fantastic experience for everyone. Thank you very much for reading today's blog. We would love to provide a virtual birthday experience for your child's party. Check out our virtual packages and let us know which one is perfect for you. Send us an enquiry form or call us on 0333 301 3002. We will get back to you with a no obligation quote!

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