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Five Reasons To Book A Virtual Princess Party | Virtual Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Have you heard about our new Virtual Princess Package? It's a super fan package to bring the fun of our Princess parties right to your doorstep. Hosted by a real life princess named Princess Jessica, she takes the kids on a wonderful adventure and teaches them everything they need to know about becoming a princess through a magical academy.

Top Five Motives for Reserving a Virtual Princess Party | Online Celebratory Experience

This amazing virtual party package is unlike anything you have seen before. There's party games, interactive story time and much more. We are going to break down five amazing reasons why you should book a Virtual Princess Party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment!

Perfect Shy Kids!

We understand there are a lot of shy children out there who might not feel comfortable being the centre of attention at their party. Non-Stop Kids excel at bringing children out of their shells. One of the biggest highlights of a virtual party is every child will have the option to turn off their web camera while still partaking in the fun. They can still see the entertainer as well as all of their friends!

Worldwide Guests!

Speaking of guests, did you know you aren't just limited to inviting your children's friends who live locally? An amazing feature included with virtual parties is you can invite anyone from anywhere. As long as they have a computer device with internet connection they too can partake in the fun. It's the perfect chance for long distance friends to join in the princess fun and gives your children a chance to catch up with friends & family.

Less Hassle!

As with our other party packages, virtual parties are far less hassle compared to a live party. You don't have to worry about finding the venues, arranging food & drink and much more! All you need is any device with an internet connection and provide an invitation link with the rest of your guests. Much easier to set up without cleaning up any leftovers!

No Extra Costs!

Because virtual parties are less hassle that also means they are cheaper in comparison. All you need to pay for is the virtual party itself and the entertainer. You will save so much money that can be used for something greater. Maybe use this time to get your child a special gift for their birthday!

A Full Film Of Your Party!

If you book a Deluxe Package we will also film your whole virtual princess experience and provide you with the footage to keep forever! Now you and your child can look back at the amazing adventure with Princess Jessica anytime you wish as well as share the video with other parents, too!

Amazing Experience!

Our Virtual Princess Package is amazing and guarantees a unique experience you would never find with our other virtual parties. Your kids will love it! When you're ready to book send us an enquiry form for a no-obligation consultation or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading today's blog and we hope you have a great day!

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