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Perfect Themes For A Virtual Party | Virtual Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

How would you like to throw your children one of the best birthday parties they will ever have? An online party sounds like a great solution but now we can make the experience perfect by adding in a theme.

Ideal Themes for a Virtual Celebration | Virtual Birthday Party Concepts

A children's virtual birthday party that has a themed attached goes that extra mile to make their special day amazing. It's much more personal, especially if it's centred around something they absolutely adore. Check out some of our themed packages below!

Learning Close Up Magic!

Our Virtual Magic Workshop Package is very popular with older children. This amazing party experience teaches the kids amazing close up magic tricks that you would see famous magicians like Dynamo and David Blaine perform. When the kids get to a certain age they don't just want to watch an entertainer perform magic. They want to be involved and perform the magic themselves. 

When the party starts your entertainer performs our award-winning magic that combines sleight of hand with hard-hitting close up magic. Then we get the kids together and teach them how to perform their very own magic tricks. The tricks they will be performing use everyday objects you can easily find around your house. We will even provide a list in advance of what they can use. The kids leave the party with a memorable experience as well as handy magic tricks that will benefit their personal skills for many years!

Take Home A Special Friend!

Have you ever heard of Teddy Tastic? They are amazing at providing your children with everything they need to build their very own special friend. We have teamed up with Teddy Tastic to bring you our Virtual Teddy Tastic Party! With this experience we provide you with everything your children will need to create their special friend (the teddy itself, bags of stuffing, felt hearts and birth certificates!)

On the day of your virtual party the entertainer will guide your children through a fun & magical experience. We kick off the show with a teddy bear themed comedy magic show that is very interactive. No one will be left out of the fun and the birthday child will be made to feel very special. This is followed up with party games, action dances and dance competitions themed to teddy bears.

Then it's time for real magic to begin. Our entertainer will show all of the kids how to assemble their teddy bears and bring them to life. Every child will leave the party with their special friend to keep forever, along with a birth certificate for their bear as well. It's an amazing magical experience that your kids will absolutely love.

Find Your Very Own Dinosaur!

Our Virtual Dinosaur Package is nothing like you have ever seen before. We all love dinosaurs and at some point we've watched the iconic Jurassic Park. This virtual party is hosted by your very own dinosaur hunter who is going to teach the kids how to find and catch dinosaurs. All the while we will host a dinosaur themed magic show, followed with high energy party games, action dances and dance competitions that are all themed to dinosaurs as well. Everything included has been designed to work in a virtual environment that you won't even tell the difference between this and a live party.

Cook Up Some Science Experiments!

If your kids are ready to get creative and create some wacky experiments, look no further then our Virtual Science Workshop. This fun package is hosted by your very own mad professor who will guide the kids through the world of science and teach them amazing science experiments. Everything they use to create their experiments is everyday items you can easily find around the house. We will even send you a list of items to share with all the kids and make sure they have everything available. The mad professor will show the kids fun experiments like how to make a lava lamp out of Alka-Seltzer and a pop bottle, making slime and much more. All the while we will play party games and magic shows that are themed to science as well!

Lots Of Ideas!

We have a lot of unique virtual parties to accommodate your children's birthday parties. Feel free to have a look at our virtual packages and get in touch when you are ready to book. You can call our head office directly or send us an online message for a no obligation consultation. Both can be found in the banner below. Thanks for checking out today's blog. Have a great day and we look forward to providing a virtual birthday party soon!

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