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The Top 8 Benefits Of Planning A Virtual Birthday Party At Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

You're stuck at home and wondering how you can provide your children with a birthday party while you're in lockdown. Great news, we can bring the fun of our hassle free package right to your doorstep. Sounds impossible, right? No need to fret because we have the next best package for your children's birthday party!

Exploring the 8 Key Advantages of Hosting a Home Virtual Birthday Party

Presenting our Virtual Party Package! This incredible concept has been developed from the ground up to bring the hassle free experience right to your doorstep. As the largest children's entertainment in the country we understand the importance of celebrating your kid's birthday. It's an important day in their lives and easily one of the most cherished memories they will hold onto forever. We didn't want your kids to miss their parties and that's why we introduced this package. Let's take a look on why they're great!

The Non-Stop Interaction!

One of the biggest misconceptions of virtual parties is it's like looking at a static screen throughout the whole show. We can assure you that there couldn't be more interaction! With our virtual parties everyone can see and speak to each other as well as the entertainer running the show. It's nothing like watching a YouTube video. There is just as much interaction as a live party if not more. Our entertainer provides non-stop interaction with all the children and makes sure the birthday child is made to feel extra special on their birthday! The interaction is 100% there!

Easier To Plan!

As a parent you've more than likely planned a children's birthday party in the past. There's finding the venue, sending out RSVPs, arranging party decorations and much more. One of the reasons virtual parties are hassle free is because there is little planning to worry about. All you need to arrange is the date of the virtual party and the service itself. That's it! To partake in a virtual birthday party, all you need to join is a smart device with internet connection. There's no worrying about finding a village hall or arranging travel arrangements. Once the party is ready all you need to do is send out an invitation link to your guests we will provide you with and then enjoy the show with a hot beverage. Super easy!

Unique Party Packages!

We provide over 10 different virtual parties for kid's birthdays. Each package provides a unique experience that teaches the kids something new and helps develop their personal skills as well as teamwork and confidence. Our Virtual Magic Workshop Package is a perfect example. This party package teaches children how to learn their very own magic tricks. Magic plays a big part in your children's development cycle. It improves their confidence, communication and dexterity skills.

There's also our Dance Workshop Package. We teach the kids how to come together to choreograph their very own dance routine to a piece of music. This improves their teamwork skills and gives everyone a sense of accomplishment. Let's not forget our Virtual Science Package. Who doesn't want to learn crazy experiments? Science is a big part of your children's education. A great way to get an early start!

Virtual Party Invitations!

How would you like to provide all of your children's guests with virtual invitations? Like a RSVP they have the details of your party (the birthday children's name, their age, date & time, etc.) but now they are designed in a unique animated video. Thanks to our amazing friends over at Mini Epic, we have the technology to provide you with these invitations when you book our Deluxe Virtual Package. Check out one of our virtual invitations below. Our Deluxe Package also includes virtual party bags, any theme and a free recording of your whole party.

Free Virtual Videographer!

As we mentioned before we have the technology to record your whole virtual experience when you book our Deluxe Package. You have probably hired a videographer to film your children's birthday party in the past to capture fantastic memories on camera. We have the technology to film the whole party and provide you with the footage to keep forever! Now you and your child can look back at their party any time you wish.

Attach Any Theme!

Just because the party is online doesn't mean you can't make it into a themed event. At Non-Stop Kids we have different themes we can attach to your party and make the celebration fantastic! There's pirates, superheroes and much more. Adding a theme to your party makes it much more personal to your child if their birthday is centred around something they love.

Unique Party Games!

Online birthday parties create opportunities to put a unique spin on classic party games. You can plan a scavenger hunt with the other parents in advance. Everyone can hide different objects within each of their homes and then get each of the children to find the objects on the day and bring them back to the screen. Or you can use PowerPoint software to make an interactive quiz where each child has to guess the name of an iconic character as their picture appears on the screen.

Around The World Guests!

Did you know you can invite guests from around the world to your children's party? One of the big advantages to a virtual birthday party is you can invite anyone from anywhere. Your child may have friends or relatives who live overseas. Now is the perfect opportunity for your child's distance friends to partake in the fun and have a catch up. All everyone needs to join is a smart device with internet connection. As long as your party is scheduled on a similar time zone that works for everyone, you're good to go!

The Best Party Experience Ever!

These are just some of the many advantages that are included with our Virtual Parties. It's an amazing concept that truly takes the hassle out of any party. You can find hundreds of amazing reviews on our Facebook and TrustPilot from many parents. Our central office is here to support your booking journey. Find the virtual party package right for you and send us an enquiry form for a no-obligation consultation. Or alternatively call us on 0333 301 3002.

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